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Cystic Fibrosis and Lung TransplantS

The BOLT From the Blue Series (Memoir, ages 15 and up)

BOLTing From Cystic Fibrosis (2019, available on

When Sara was born in 1971, she was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis, a disease which carried a life expectancy of only twelve years. As a young child, she developed a special connection with horses, which would metamorphose into a life-changing vocation. Over the ensuing thirty years, the relationships she formed with four unique equines proved to be a critical asset in her struggle against Cystic fibrosis. Her life-altering exploits involving the Four prepared and shaped her personality for an uncertain future, enabling her to persevere against tremendous odds into adulthood.

Nuts of BOLT (with Dan Kominsky, 2019 available on

Her lungs irreparably damaged after forty-six years of wrestling with Cystic fibrosis, Sara Kominsky chose to pursue a BOLT, or Bilateral Orthotopic Lung Transplant. This memoir, encompassing both emotional and physical challenges, is a uniquely detailed testimony to that process. Her husband Dan’s wry and often amusing updates to family adds a refreshing caretaker’s perspective. Their willingness to suffer and sacrifice for Sara’s long-term health is continually tested as they face a multitude of life-threatening setbacks. Together, through their courage and tenacity, this husband and wife team contend with the bizarre developments that comprise Sara’s BOLT.

Comments from readers:
-This describes the day by day challenges, determination, and survival of one woman enduring a double lung transplant. It’s a remarkable story of courage and an unvarnished telling of the journey. An essential for anyone with a loved one with possible lung transplantation in their future!

A great read for anyone facing a double lung transplant. It’s a detailed journey for both the recipient and the caregiver. 

This book was a fantastic read. The couple’s ability to maintain their sense of humor during what I’m sure was a very difficult time is remarkable, inspiring and entertaining to read.

Driving the BOLT Home (2020, available on

After recuperating from a complication-ridden double lung transplant in 2017, Sara Kominsky developed bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome and headed down the road of chronic organ rejection. In 2020, with the covid-19 pandemic looming on the horizon, she underwent a risky second double lung transplant. Her detailed and astonishing medical journey gives the reader a remarkably honest view into the emotional and technical world of lung transplantation.

Comments from readers:
Having a daughter with Cystic fibrosis made The Nuts of BOLT and Driving the BOLT Home of particular interest. I’ve never had the opportunity to read anything like it! Kominsky’s detailed and picturesque description of the difficulties of daily life with a transplant, though difficult to read, were so brilliantly melded with an incredibly powerful enthusiasm for life. The reader is left with renewed courage to believe that a full life is possible, even under truly dire circumstances.

Lightning BOLT
For release in 2022

CF Educational Series (Fiction, ages 12 and up)

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter (2021, available on

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have Cystic fibrosis?
Kerstin Anne Thompson (Kat) is a twelve-year-old Level Ten gymnast.  Like many athletes, Kat must deal with injuries, abusive coaches, and balancing a rigorous training schedule with academics.  However, Kat also has a unique invisible challenge — she was born with the genetic disease Cystic fibrosis.  Between the never-ending pills, daily treatments, health complications, hospitalization of her brother, and the rapid decline of a CF friend, Kat has almost more than she can handle.  But in her quest to become the first Elite gymnast with Cystic fibrosis, Kat discovers that some things shine far more brightly than a gold medal.

Comments from readers:
Had me in tears at times. Good education on CF and I really appreciate the glossary explaining the medical points in the book.

As a psychologist and parent of a child with a significant physical challenge, I highly recommend this book. It’s a wonderful, interesting book for older children and adolescent, but also for adults who have children living with a physical challenge, whether CF or any issue.

Heart Horse Adventure Series (Memoir, ages 12 and up)

From my childhood through adulthood, four horses had a huge effect on my life and personality. Ultimately, they helped me survive Cystic fibrosis. In time sequence the books are Blue Chip, Mikado, Smart Aleck Part I, Smart Aleck Part II, and Little Hero.

Blue Chip (2020, available on

After six-year-old Sara makes a choice between a well-behaved show-quality mare or a rougher impish gelding, her young life is suddenly filled with heart-pounding adventures.  As if owning a crazy pony weren’t enough, Sara also struggled with Cystic fibrosis, a disease which threatened to destroy her lungs.  After four years of being bullied and outmaneuvered by her mount, Sara and Blue Chip finally come to a mutual understanding.  In the end, he teaches his youthful rider the meaning of true love.  The hard lessons Sara learned from their relationship would ultimately help her survive Cystic fibrosis. 

Mikado (2021, available on

Sara has outgrown her first pony, Blue Chip, and has taken up the reins on Mikado, a 15.1 hand Quarter-horse Morgan.  However, “Mik” has made quite a reputation for himself, and not in a positive fashion!  He bolts, shies, bucks, refuses to jump fences when asked, and manages to get himself into ridiculous situations.  Twelve-year-old Sara is tiny for her age and has a variety of medical issues due to the disease Cystic fibrosis.  In order to successfully ride and compete Mikado, she must figure out how to overcome both of their challenges.  This true story follows the special journey of a chronically-ill child as she transforms a timid horse into one that can accomplish the near impossible.

Smart Aleck Part I: Flights of Fancy (2021, available on

Trying to fulfill her Eventing dreams, fifteen-year-old Sara has moved up from her pushbutton Quarter Horse cross to Alec — a fiery off-the-track young Thoroughbred who is almost more than she can handle.  Between the lack of proper training facilities, Sara’s health issues stemming from Cystic fibrosis, and Alec’s significant ex-racehorse neurosis, progress is proving more challenging than anticipated.  After experiencing multiple injuries and being told that her mount had a limited future, Sara begins to wonder if she is wasting her time with the wrong horse.

Smart Aleck Part II: FInding His Forte (2021, available on

Sara has spent years trying to turn her Thoroughbred, Alec, into a successful Event horse.  But after several terrible accidents and a great deal of self-reflection, she begins to rethink what she’s been taught about training horses.  After Sara changes her methods, the pair finally begins to trust each other — but the timing couldn’t be worse.  Sara’s health has started to decline due to Cystic fibrosis and Alec — diagnosed with navicular disease — can no longer jump.  They turn exclusively to dressage, despite Sara being told that the gelding lacks talent for it.  But, like his rider, Alec is unwilling to give up without a fight, and it soon becomes clear that the aging ex-racehorse has finally found his niche.

Comments from readers:
-I found Kominsky’s book both deeply engaging and inspiring. It’s heartfelt (and at times, brutally honest) depiction of the author’s journey with her beloved companion spoke to me. A superb read.

Little Hero: Dream Come True (2021, available on

Sara doubted that she would ever locate a horse worthy of replacing her retired FEI dressage mount, Alec.  But when she first lays eyes on Hero, a four-year-old Pura Raza Espanola stallion imported from Spain, she is instantly smitten.  The pair embarks upon an astonishing journey with a single focus in mind – to qualify for the Eastern Young Horse Dressage Selection Trials to be held in just seven months. 
However, between Sara’s health (which is deteriorating from Cystic fibrosis), Hero’s lack of education, disagreeable weather, and no trainer, the dream appears impossible.  But together the pair forges ahead relentlessly until Sara concludes that the limelight is not the paradise she had once imagined.  When it comes down to holding onto her dream horse or honoring their relationship, which will she choose?

WRITING AS Jerome Wiley: Science Fiction

Yuma’a-0ni (2020, available on (ages 15 and up)

It is the year 2221, and four refugees are relentlessly harvested by the dreaded Yuma’a-oni: a two-hundred-year-old transgenic entity that has dramatically reshaped civilization on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The four travelers’ remarkably entwined past, present, and futures all revolve around a wayward but vital diary that safeguards pivotal elements of the Yuma’a-oni’s continued dominion. In this compelling and intricate dystopian vision, a world torn asunder only has a chance for deliverance if, and when, the nefarious Yuma’a-oni is unmasked. But how to solve and vanquish a relentless enigma that amplifies the flawed ethics of humanity while mysteriously driving it to extinction?

Comments from readers:
-I warn the reader that you may find yourself unable to put this book down! The compelling action is constant. Different, and definitely worth the read!

Current Projects

I am working on a sequel to Yuma’a-oni, entitled Yuma-Uk’tena.

The fourth BOLT from the Blue book, Lightning BOLT, is well under way.

If you really like All that is Gold Does Not Glitter, please let me know because there are tentative plans for a four-book series about the indominable Kat Thompson.

I have also started a new sci-fi work, which will be under the pseudonym Jerome Wiley, entitled “The Cleansing”.

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